and the origins of the Penderis family name

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My name is Allan Henri Penderis. I am researching the origins of our family name and have compiled a family tree (work in progress ..)

On this site is a selection of  the data and photographs that I have collected.
You are most welcome to download the files and photographs.
If you have old family photographs or updated or corrected data, would you please contact me.  My contact details are ...
      Allan H Penderis 
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Above: "Oupa en ouma grootjie van Adam en Eva se kant"
Hermanus PENDERUS b.15/5/1816 d.12/2/1872 and Maria WESSELMAN m.19/8/1843

Right: Hermanus Hendrickus PENDERIS b.26/6/1844 d.19/11/1918 and Johanna Penderis born NIJHOFF b.17/8/1846 d.24/12/1931



Right: Johannes Hendrickus Augustinus PENDERIS b.26/5/1846 d.3/12/1896 and Sara VAN DER SANDE

The Story Thus Far ...
On 28 August 1767, Jan PENRIES (b.1735 in Sittard, about 24 km north-east of Maarstricht in the south-east of the Netherlands in the province of Limburg) swore an oath of allegiance, the so-called POORTER EED to the city of Amsterdam and paid the "Poorter gelt" due. In 1769, at the age of  34, he married Margaretha KUELKENS, aged 23, in Amsterdam. They were both Roman Catholics. More ... Click here to view the data I've collected thus far.

Here is a file of the data of the first three generations of the descendents of HH & JPenderis (It is a PDF file and is 80 pages in length. The file is 664 kB in size). If you'd like any further, more recent, data please feel free to give me a call or drop me a line.


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Left: Johanna PENDERIS (born NIJHOFF) with sons Hermanus Johannes (Maans) b.23 March 1869 and Johannes Hendrickus Augustinus (Jan) b.15 March 1877

Right: Back:Johanna Maria 'Duckie' HENN born PENDERIS b.7/4/1877 d.10/1965; Johannes Hendrikus Augustinus 'Jan' PENDERIS b.15/3/1871 d.1938; Sara Agnes PENDERIS later BEETS b.16/3/1881; Willem Teodoor PENDERIS b.28/2/1879 d.16/5/1949; Hendrik Gerhardus Karel PENDERIS b.21/5/1883 d.28/9/1944; Centre: Johanna PENDERIS born NIJHOFF b.17/8/1846 d.24/12/1931; William 'Willa' HENN b.5/11/1899(?) d.1924; Hermanus Hendricus PENDERIS b.26/6/1844 d.19/11/1918; Front: Adriaan Jacobus PENDERIS b.30/3/1887 d.12/2/1965; Thomas Edmund PENDERIS b.18/3/1892 d.22/2/1985

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Click for enlargement Left: Johanna Maria 'Duckie' HENN born PENDERIS b.7/4/1877 d.10/1965 and Hermanus Johannes 'Maans' PENDERIS b.23/3/1869 d.7/10/1961